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Department of Music, National Pingtung University(NPTU) has been through several transformations under different names:
In 1993, The Department was founded under National Pingtung Teachers College(NPTTC), the teaching objectives was to train the music teachers for Public Primary School. It also started the divisions of Music Performance and Music Education in 2004. In 2005, NPTTC transformed to non- teachers education system under the name National Pingtung University of Education(NPUE). Due to the demand of the competitive job-market, The Department of Music expanded its teaching objectives to multi-oriented areas, and the curriculum was upgraded which included Music Performance/Pedagogy, Education, Theory /Composition, and Application. It also started the Graduate School, with divisions of Music Performance /Singing and Music Education, which recruited students with majors in Piano, Voice, Strings, Theory, Composition, and Music Education. In 2014, NPUE merged with National Pingtung Institute of Commerce(NPIC) under the name National Pingtung University(NPTU). The educational objectives of The Department of Music correspond to NPTU that provide distinguishing features of Education, Humanity, Art, Science,and Commerce.
The teaching goals of department are perfectly match the university orientation toward “Transform to an University with highest quality of Educational elites, Humanities, Arts, and Science” as well as “ Integrating quality teaching and professional capability into University ”. Quality teaching and learning are always the goals of our department. We designed the undergraduate and graduate courses according to our teaching goals. Students will learn the “core capabilities” from the curriculum. Our course maps are also designed to meet both students’ core capabilities and future career.
There are five requirements for us to design curriculum in order to reach our educational goals as follows:
1. learning needs,
2. social dynamics,
3. according to teachers’ specialty,
4. based on teaching goals to build student’s capability, 
5.plan appropriate study credits for compulsory courses and professional domain.